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A Halloween Wish

Cora LeCates

Autumn (Halloween) 2019

Oh, evil things!
In troves and swarms,
Let me join your vengeant storm!

I have but few and simple wishes:

Eerie candies and haunted dishes!
To greet a phantom as he passes,
And chatter with witches in my classes!

Hocus Pocus, ghastly ghouls!
Excite the chatter, invade the schools!

Enchant as a Pied Piper might—
But replace infectious tune with fright.

Oh, cover me in cobwebs, sweets!
I, too, want to flood the streets
Sneaky skeletons and things that crawl!

Allow me in your impish gall!

Ghosts in huddles,
Goblins in hordes,
You understand my wish, I’m sure.

Craft this October night of lore,
And end this autumn with chaos pure!

Cora LeCates attends Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, New York. She is fifteen and entering tenth grade and enjoys reading and writing of all kinds. She is previously unpublished.