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After the Failed Audition

Jodie Meng

Autumn 2019

I wait under a streetlight that pools

Lemonade onto concrete and sends

Plumes of mosquitoes to my tender

Skin. The gentrified bakery smells of

Butter and cigarettes. I breathe in

secondhand smoke and listen to

the music of howling dogs and
oblique highways. My heart beats for

four minutes and thirty-three seconds;

I fake synesthesia to fill the space.

Tonight, there are no constellations,

Only sheets of burnt coal and scattered

Pushpins on a map. I wish upon the

Dirt moons under my fingernails.
My ride never comes.

Jodie Meng is a rising senior (‘20) at the Illinois Math and Science Academy in Aurora, Illinois. She enjoys writing for her school newspaper, researching, and volunteering around the community. Her writing is forthcoming in the Chautauqua Literary Journal.