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balloons don't belong in heaven

Julia Do

Autumn 2019

mama thought she didn't belong here on earth

because nothing here made her smile
so she tried to fly up to the heavens
like an angel maybe

no not an angel
more like a helium balloon because
balloons don't belong in heaven
they belong here
on earth
and i was so little when mama tried to fly away

that i had to tiptoe
to reach the end of her string
to yank her back down to earth so hard that
she could never fly away again

but my mama’s like helium

and helium sneaks away

bit by bit
day by day

‘til she’s all gone.

Julia Do is a high school writer from Orange County, California. She enjoys writing poetry, prose, and a combination of the two. She has participated in the Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop and has had her work published in its anthology and in Creative Communication.