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Pia Bhatia

Autumn 2019

on the street in Chennai
next to the sleeping tail of a street dog
I see half a butterfly—
it lies in the earth, damp with waste and jagged with apathy

its other wing carried away by road

the next morning, I find one under my pillow
for a moment I hope it is just sleeping, softness pressed together

like a newborn’s eyelids
this is not the case,
dead again.
I just want to go home

seagulls for fallen soldiers
owls for old women who died in their beds
doves for girls who never found love but at least found peace

I dream of willows weeping cold morning rain that lives for days

sleet on every mogra
that ruin this dirty city with their loveliness
more half-dead half-butterflies

this season’s graveyard, and all I did was watch.

Pia Bhatia is a junior from New Delhi, India. She currently writes and makes art for her school magazine and runs a website of her work: piabhatia.weebly.com. Her first collection, Softshell, is to be published soon.