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Caribbean Stretches Into My Tongue

Minerva Macarrulla

Spring 2019


Best of the Net 2019 Nomination

If you’re gonna write 

a poem 

about dried mango, 

it has to be elastic. 

yank my tongue 

in every direction 

it has ever known, 

comprime la fruta 

entre lengua y diente y 

déjala quemar la boca 

hasta que te lleva 


Far away, under the watch 

of palma-blessed sunbeams, 

pull limbs in opposition 

to lengthen weary muscles 

beneath skin tanned 

like fruit leather. 



Translation of Spanish: 

compress the fruit 

between (language/

tongue) and teeth and 

let it burn your mouth 

until it carries you 

to where?

As of the Spring 2019 publication of this piece, Minerva Macarrulla was a high school senior in Brooklyn, New York whose passions include dance, poetry, environmental sustainability, and social justice. Minerva received two gold keys in poetry from the 2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and attended Belin-Blank’s Summer Writing Residency at the University of Iowa in summer 2018.