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Garden of Statues

Grace Pignolo

Winter 2020

It was as if the morning dew had draped her in frost,

proud in her grand stature,

limbs branching like the tree she leaned upon.

The meaning in her stillness ignites,

staring into her eyes, an ocean washing the sand below.

Winter ushered in by brush stroke,

adorning a pearl upon her neck bowed,

clasped delusions, her mind floats on a cloud.

Hear the distant pang of ice melting on chasm walls,

her aura let trickle away in suspended drops,

an empty pitcher poised painfully in hand. 


It was as if he had stood for hours to catch a glimpse,

searching for meaning in her depths.

Vines he planted round her feet

anchor her frozen being in time;

A statue reflected in canvas by his hand till night.

Flickering of a dying star, 

casting light on his likeness in the pearl he polished,

glimmer that blinds the vulture at perch. 

He calls in the wilderness, her breath melts the earth:

steps apart, uncrossable chasm of statues—

Plastered in indecision, forever reaching out.

Grace Pignolo currently resides in Rochester, Minnesota. She is an author who has been the Grand Prize winner of the Webster University School of Communications High School Screenplay Competition in 2018, placed in the top three for the 2019 Olmsted County MLK poetry contest, has written for her school’s online newspaper The Mayo Advocate, has won Honorable Mention in the Sci-fi/Fantasy category of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards 2019 competition, has had her poetry published in the Spring 2019 addition of the Daphne Review, and was a winner of the 2019 Skipping Stone Youth Honor Award. She is excited about innovative writing and is always trying to expand her writing horizons.