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Autumn (Halloween) 2019

It’s cold, breezy outside
                 no children playing, they are hidden inside

Lock your doors, stay indoors!
                 on this very day, Halloween—it roars.

These very streets you will see
                                  the spirits of Halloween.

                                  Hear that rustle, that screeching out there.

              Is it a bird, a tree . . . ?

                                                                   It’s the haunted screams of

It’s cold, breezy, and scary outside.

         If I were you I would be sure to hide.
         No place for children to roam around free,

These very streets of Halloween.

These screams you hear they haunt

   this very day they have come alive
      the spirits are here they have arrived

   in search for innocent humans like us, to haunt.

On this very day of Halloween,

                        hear the rustling, the haunted screams.

Stay hidden, don’t ever be seen

                        or you will be for dessert, nice human ice cream.

Oreo_M is a fourteen-year-old girl from Gauteng, South Africa. As a high school student from Hoerskool Akasia she enjoys all types of art, which allow her to express herself and give the world or fellow scholars a view of things from her perspective. She enjoys spending her free time writing both poems and songs and reading short stories. Oreo_M loves dancing, singing, cooking, baking, and drawing. She is not only one artistic young girl but is a smart young lady with big dreams and ambitions of changing the world through her art.