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How to Look for Magic

in the Stars

Drishika Nadella

Autumn 2019

Step 1: Choose a location

the abyss of your existential

the comforting recesses
of your terrace;

your mother’s begonias

and a pack of chips
to keep you company

(it can get pretty

lonely under
the stars)
and the smell of
salt and nectar and vinegar

hangs in the air

Step 2: Wait for the night

as the sunlight
angles through the trees
the sky, an iridescent mixtape

of blues and reds
try to sneak in
two more chapters of
Jules Verne
before the night bares all
and the stars demand
your unwavering attention

Step 3: Look at the sky

for the Galilean contours

for the fireflies that
mimic the uncharted stars

for the Tychoesque speckles

for the wildlife
lurking in the
bespangled veil

bears, dragons, crabs

(you are encouraged
to create your own)
look at the sky

deliberately, shamelessly

for your

apotelesmatic reckoning

Step 4: Discern the magic

decorate the walls
of your soul with
the celestial tapestry
let shooting stars

emanate from your veins

revel in the

nebular dust that has
settled in your blood
let the odds
of your inexplicable existence

in the cosmos

weigh you down

Congratulations, you have found magic in the stars!

Drishika Nadella is a student of science from India. She has been previously published in GERM Magazine, Stepping Stones, Sprout, Quail Bell, and elsewhere.