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how to catch the moon

Maggie Wang

Winter 2020

i / remember the story about the monkeys
fishing for the moon in a lake. (what if you knew
they buried their confusion & desperation & longing
somewhere on a shifting shore, shaded by
ancient willow branches, just for you to find?)

ii / wade through troubled water & search the sky
with new-healed eyes. (you will find your answer
in the shadow of the moon: torchlight, a distant flicker
burning the rhythm of freedom. take it, & run.)

iii / brush your fingers beneath the surface
so that they come up covered with small &
desperate creatures lifted from their homelands. (this
will be your flour. it will make enough for
all your sustenance if you remember it is a gift
                                           from the moon.)

iv / let the fountain of youth run freely into your
throat; you will need its sweetness to coax the moon
down from the sky. (six hundred million years
& a brief second of darkness at midday—a cloud
far from earth, a speck of rock resting in your palm—)

v / keep no other light but the moon. let it gather those
lost slivers of starlight & string them up like beads. let it
drape them around your neck & make you its mirror
on earth. (you will see how it glows on your cheeks.)

Maggie Wang is seventeen and originally hails from Virginia. Her poetry has appeared in Girls Right the World and is forthcoming in the Alexandria Quarterly. She has also been recognized by the Scholastic Writing Awards, the Parkmont Poetry Festival, the Folger Shakespeare Library, and the Poetry Society’s Young Poets Network. When not writing poetry, she enjoys taking walks and playing the piano.