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summer’s end

Maggie Wang

Winter 2020

Based on a Golden Shovel after “Rabbits and Fire” by Alberto Ríos


summer’s end. dried grasses hunched over, tired. they

have danced with the wind but won’t part for us, so we run

with blades slashing our arms, faces turned away

as if there is an escape from

the seasons. clouds pass over. rain never falls. the

sunburned fields linger on the edge of flame.


summer’s end. waves break fierce and muddied. they

rush the barricades of human civilization

without mind to city or country and bury us

in their churning embrace. we flail. we

scream. water fills our mouths before sound can escape.

there will be no ark to keep our history.


summer’s end. fog resting heavy in the valleys. the clouds

turn and turn the world grey. the droplets

battle sunlight and win. in the distance, the mountains,

helpless. through the endless dawn, a whisper

foreshadows fimbulwinter. the

birds fall silent, a protest against the anthropocene.

Maggie Wang is seventeen and originally hails from Virginia. Her poetry has appeared in Girls Right the World and is forthcoming in the Alexandria Quarterly. She has also been recognized by the Scholastic Writing Awards, the Parkmont Poetry Festival, the Folger Shakespeare Library, and the Poetry Society’s Young Poets Network. When not writing poetry, she enjoys taking walks and playing the piano.