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ABBY ASMUTH is from Madison, Wisconsin where she is currently a sophomore at Madison Country Day School. She absolutely loves to write; previous work has been published in the Wisconsin State Journal, Inlandia Institute’s Literary Journal, and the Appelley Rising Star Collection. She also enjoys reading, whether it be classics, fantasy, or submissions to Canvas. Outside the world of literature, she can be found working as the stage manager of her school's theater department or listening to Ella Fitzgerald.

YASMINE CHOKRANE is a sixteen-year-old student attending Stuyvesant High School in New York City. She likes to explore the city in her downtime, walking anywhere she can. She likes to visit local bookstores and art museums, as she has an appreciation for reading, writing, and art history. She also loves hazelnut coffee, scented candles, and garage rock.

LEO COX is a poet and fiction writer from North Penn High School. He enjoys being a part of theatre, being a reader for Canvas Literary Journal, trying (and usually failing) to be deep, reading any genre, and most of all, striving to make the perfect cup of green tea. His works have previously appeared in Cricket Magazine, Canvas Literary Journal, and The Apprentice Writer.

EVIE DE RUBERTIS is a sophomore at Harvard Westlake School in Los Angeles, California. She spends every minute of free time with her nose in a book and enjoys writing poetry and short stories. She hopes to one day publish a book of her own and continue to publish poems. Evie's favorite genre is realistic fiction, particularly the book The Female of the Species. She writes for her school newspaper and helps edit and organize her school's literary magazine (occasionally contributing pieces of her own). She loves reading other people's work, especially when she can help them improve and grow as writers. Evie pursues this passion not only through her work with Canvas, but also as a volunteer tutor for homeless children.

ADITI JAIN is a young woman who, till now, has experienced about seventeen years in this familiar, yet peculiar, environment of India. Even after having had all of her memories created in the diverse air of this beautiful nation, she is still trying to taste the sweetness of belonging on the tip of her tongue. These familiar streets of New Delhi still haven't made her feel at home even though she lives and breathes in them everyday. The closest that she has been to who she wants to be was her post as the Vice President of the Editorial Board of her School. After spending more than a year creating reports of school events, drafting and editing a magazine, maintaining the school's website, and mentoring her juniors, she realized that she didn't want her duty to be a part of just one year of her life, but an integrated part of the rest of the years of her existence. This is what motivated her to apply to Canvas Literary Journal for the position of a Teen Editor. The emotions that encompassed her throughout this small journey are something she wants to feel over and over again.

HARIPRIYA JALLURI is a junior from Pennsylvania. She has always been a fan of literature, and her novel recently won a Gold Key in the Philadelphia Region from the Scholastic Awards. As the yearbook editor-in-chief, she is constantly communicating with her school and solving issues; she also critiques other people’s works and believes everyone deserves a chance to showcase their talents. Haripriya hopes to achieve that same goal through being a board member for Canvas Literary Journal.

JESSICA JIANG is a current sophomore of Stuyvesant High School in New York, New York. Even though she doesn't have as much free time now because of school, she loves to read, and gets quite cranky if anyone interrupts her in the middle of a good book. She is constantly ready to tell jokes, even if she is the only one that finds them funny. Jessica thinks that the most powerful tool a human being can possess is words, because even one syllable can change someone’s life. When she isn’t on her computer searching up cringy puns or immersed in a book, you can find her playing the piano, running outside, or laughing with her sisters.

ANUSHKA KARTHIK is a sophomore at Bridgewater Raritan High School in New Jersey. She enjoys reading poems and realistic fiction. She adores all works of literature and authors. As a writer, she loves to write argumentative and persuasive essays. Anushka uses this skill to fuel her passion for debate. Besides writing, debating, and reading for Canvas, Anushka participates in various clubs and volunteers as a tutor.

ANN KENNEDY is a high school junior from Chicago, Illinois. She enjoys reading anything from personal narratives to fantasy pieces. Besides reading the wonderful work submitted to Canvas, she loves spending time with friends and working at the local farmer’s market. She adores her English, science, and history classes. For the future, she might enter philosophy or behavioral science.

ARIA KHALIQUE is an eleventh grader from San Ramon, California. She enjoys reading mystery and realistic fiction books, writing, and listening to music. As a part of her high school newspaper, Aria understands how difficult and scary it can be to express your thoughts and emotions through words. She loves reading Canvas submissions because they express ideas she had never even thought of before. When not reading whatever book she can find, Aria likes to play guitar, drums, and piano (though drums are her favorite) and listen to Broadway soundtracks on repeat while trying to sing every characters' part and failing miserably.

CHRISTIAN KIM is a senior in high school in Santa Clara, California. He loves reading and writing, especially fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction. He has published a children’s book, and he is also working on a novel. He plans to major in English and Creative Writing in college. Aside from writing, he loves volunteering in his community, playing the saxophone, and exploring the outdoors

ANDREA LIAO is a junior at Interlake High School who serves as an editor for Interlake’s school newspaper as well as its literary magazine. She is the founder and president of Book the Future, an organization dedicated to global youth literacy. Her pieces have been recognized and published internationally.

PO-TING LIN (DUKE) is a high school junior from Taipei, Taiwan who studies at the bilingual side of Taipei Fuhsing Private School. As a student who comprehends both Mandarin and English, Duke yearns to show his Taiwanese identity through the medium of English. His works have appeared in Teen Ink and Skipping Stones magazines. Besides literature, he never stops pursuing his dream of becoming a medical biologist in the future. Currently, Duke is an intern in the National Defense Medical Center, and he helps his advisor on data analysis and literature review for publication.

FRANCESCA MIRTHIL is a fifteen-year-old girl from Boston, Massachusetts. She's an avid reader and writer who primarily enjoys poetry. As an African American teen, her goal is to change the narrative of minorities in the literary scene. Reading as a child was great, but she had difficulties finding characters like her. Through writing, she hopes to diversify literature and promote the healthy representation of minorities. Aside from writing, she enjoys YouTube vlogs and language learning.

JULIA PELLETIER is a junior at Our Lady of Mercy High School in Rochester, New York, where she studies the art of the English language and the morality of breakfast cereal. She has been writing and editing since 7th grade when her (favorite) English teacher bribed her into joining her school's literary magazine ... three months later, she was the Editor-in-Chief. Outside of school and numerous lit-mag positions, Julia spends her time reading World War II romance novels, swimming, and traveling to faraway lands.


MUNEEBAH UMAR currently is a teenager living in Starkville, Mississippi. She has done numerous activities such as Tae Kwon Do, swimming, horseback riding, and kayaking. While her reading tastes sway towards fiction writing, she adores to write nonfiction. The endless creativity found within Canvas submissions constantly inspires her.

LEA WANG-TOMIC is a senior from the San Gabriel Valley in California. She enjoys writing poetry (and the occasional prose), planning poetry slams, and all things related to reading. When she's not reading or writing she's drinking her bodyweight in boba or binging the latest Netflix show.

MANYA ZHAO is a seventeen-year-old senior at Gunn High School in Northern California. As a writer, she prefers working on personal narratives or short realistic fiction pieces, but as a reader, she primarily enjoys mystery and thriller novels. Her work has been recognized on a variety of literary platforms, including Blue Marble Journal, Lilun Magazine, and Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Besides these activities and being an editor for Canvas, Manya helps conduct research at a local hospital and enjoys cooking, gossiping with her friends, and, of course, binge-watching hours of Netflix.



LINDSAY HERKO is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame’s creative writing MFA, where she also served as managing editor of Notre Dame Review. Her writing and visual art have appeared in Caketrain, BOAAT, Sundog Lit, Salt Hill, Luna Luna Magazine, and The Rain, Party, and Disaster Society. Lindsay has taught youth writing courses in Writers & Books’ SummerWrite program and currently teaches college-level writing courses at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) including experimental writing, world-building, and introduction to creative writing.


NINA ALVAREZ is an award-winning poet, playwright, and teaching artist. In 2009 she created Dream Your Book, an editing, creativity coaching, and publishing services company in Rochester, New York. In 2013 founded Cosmographia Books, a publisher of soulful books. Her poems, hybrid pieces, nonfiction, reviews, and short stories have been published in Tupelo Quarterly, Split Lip, Prick of the Spindle, Danse Macabre, Grasslimb, and others, and her play "The Life of Leo Wool" was produced in 2013. Nina was the winner of the 2014 Writers & Books "Big Pencil Award" for her work with the original teen board of Canvas. She has a master's degree in English from of the University of Albany '03.

Editor-in-Chief Lindsay Herko (left) and Publisher Nina Alvarez (right).

Photo by Meredith Davenport for Notre Dame Magazine.