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White Lady Etude

Kevin Kong

Autumn 2019

From the Chinese legend of the White Snake

Bridge. Of immortal selling pills,

sesame-stuffed tangyuan. Of poor who

desire jade & remain hidden to spirits.

We are wrapped of serpents &

forever bonded as caduceus.

Our fates swept away. Under the

raindrops of my country: heartache spirits.

Chemicals surge in him & are

unyellow. Because, she says,

I am reflected of a mirror &

horrid. Tremors come
before shocks, shed skin-tight.

Ravel out this opportunity.

She knows waves crash in

my chest. Chamber protecting a

heart that beats of children’s cries.

Fate’s softshell, permeable to a

vicious bite. Anti-venom threatened.

Cowering, an orange tint,


Kevin Kong is a junior at A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts in Florida. His writing has been recognized by the Florida State Poets Association and the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. His poetry has been published in Teen Ink and Bridge Ink and is forthcoming in the FSPA anthology, Cadence. He enjoys playing the cello and eating hotpot.